Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Metallic Trinkets

Perhaps it's the approaching holidays, but I'm attracted to metallic lately.

Yes to these monster jackstone book-ends!

And these lanterns (I have the green version of this IKEA Rotera Lamp).

And this festive bowl from Aranaz Tu.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Michelle Obama: A Life, By Peter Slevin

FLOTUS or not, Michelle Obama is a smart, elegant, modern woman that I like reading about. My favorite parts of this biography are the chapters on her family history and childhood. Her parents just seemed rock solid and gave them a good foundation for life. Also agree with her philosophy on raising kids, to expose them to as many things as we can so that they learn to work toward as many dreams as they want. Great read.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Zara Home

Zara Home opened its first store in Melbourne last February, and according to Vogue Living Australia, the Sydney branch will follow suit. So, hurray!!! (I'm already thinking of our apartment when we haven't packed a single thing yet, haha!)

I browsed their site and oh! So. much. beauty. Too much! Which only means I'll probably be lining up at the store when it opens. Meanwhile, I'm happy to be part of the mailing list and be inspired by my favorites below from the Autumn-Winter 2015 catalogues.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Sunny and Soothing: Pantone's Spring 2016 Palette

Photo Credit: Pantone Color Report Spring 2016

Pantone's predictions point to happy and peaceful shades. Any new decorating ideas for spring next year? :)

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Will I Ever Switch to an iPhone?

Apple announced, among other things, the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus (live blog of Apple Event on NY Times.com).

Photos: Apple.com

They are gorgeous, for sure. I appreciate the awesome App Store, as well as the tight hardware-software integration (aka un-clunky compared to Android, which I currently prefer, strangely enough). Movies, photos, and the web all look exponentially better on Apple devices than on, well, anything else. I've owned a Macbook or Macbook Air since 2009; I don't really plan on returning to Windows (though I still like to keep familiar with the latest versions). I even use an ancient iPod Nano that can't play videos. But the iPhone, so far, hasn't really appealed to me. Let's see with the 6S. I may be due for an upgrade soon.

So, a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, or an iPhone 6S?

We're Moving Down Under!

Photo Credit: Artwork by Ian Tremewen

For the next two years, Sydney will be home for us. We're pretty excited about this assignment! It's such a great city - everything that we've heard from friends and people we know who have been there on holiday or for work is that it's beautiful. Hubs was there for two weeks in winter (seasons are switched in the Southern hemisphere), and he already thinks we are going to love it.

We've been checking out neighborhoods for a couple of months, though I think it's best we get there and see for ourselves. Busy busy here in Manila getting ready! I will try to write more often and in more detail from now on, pinky swear!

To our next adventure!