Monday, May 25, 2015

Getting My Brit Morin On

It's been a crafty time for us lately.

Three weeks ago I started this cross-stitch project that I got from the DMC store in Megamall:

Is it done, you ask? Heck no. I'm trying to work fast, but really for me it's just a great way to relax in the evening. That makes me sound like such a grandma haha!

Then in mid-May a large box from my Mom arrived all the way from NYC, and included these awesome--but AWESOME--teacher's supplies:

I think these are her extras from her classes (my super cool mother is a Science teacher). She told me that she buys her stuff from a teacher's store called Barclays in Brooklyn. Check out their website here.

Let's see what creative things we can come up with! Gosh, I really want to do something string art-y.

Meanwhile, some links for inspiration.
-Since I invoked Brit Morin, here you go: Brit and Co. (I often use the app.)
-Inspiration from DMC Philippines FB page:

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