Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Cabin Living in Buda (That's Bukidnon-Davao!)

See the little word magic we DavaeƱos and Bukidnon[ers] did with that?

I've been living out of my hometown for more than a decade now, but whenever I go back, I remember why I love it there so much. Nicest people ever (and a bump-into-everyone-everywhere kind of place), no smoking in public places, blue skies, and now with a more vibrant food scene and a bevy of retail options (I saw the new Felcris mall over the Holy Week break. Clap clap for local business!). And of course - the awesome stay-cation/vacation options just 2 hours max from the city center (or downtown, as my parents referred to it for the longest time).

Thanks to my incredible S-I-L's mad holiday planning skills, we got a taste of cabin living via a place called Hill 88 Hideaway.

I was particularly taken by the interiors of the house that we stayed in. Have a look at a few pictures I took.

Very Northeastern US, Sunset magazine cabin-living, right?

Check out these awesome detailed posts on the place as well :)