Friday, February 21, 2014

Celebrity Homes: Amanda Peet's Perfect Breakfast Nook

I love breakfast food. Our daily fare is likely a whole-wheat version of tartine (butter + Bonne Maman jam = great start to the morning!) or some oatmeal (we recently switched to the non-instant ones with more fiber), and of course, coffee.  I like to smell the fresh brew and languidly drink my first two cups while waking myself up with news in the background as well as on my phone. At least on weekends, when we're not rushing out of the door before 7 AM. On more relaxed days, we try cooking bacon and rosemary-sprinkled cheese omelette, or even a full-on fried-rice-and-tocino combo. Wouldn't it be great to enjoy some pancakes and toast in a breakfast nook like actress Amanda Peet's? 

Photo Credit: Francois Halard/  

Her Spanish-style house was featured in back in June 2012 (see all the photos here). Every corner is bathed in California sunshine, resulting in a very laid-back atmosphere. Her daughter's yellow room is very fun: